Return Policy

Refund and Cancellation Policy

Per industry standard, due to the volatility of the hotpot market, purchases from ROKSPOTS are not returnable for refund or exchange even if new. All sales are final.

If you have a problem with a miner received, the ROKSPOTS staff will help you get to the appropriate support channels for the miner manufacturer and help ensure your miner is replaced under warranty. You will not be left with a non-functioning miner, the ROKSPOTS staff will make sure your miner is replaced.

Helium miners are considered investments and you should be aware that as with any investment, there is no guaranteed return on HNT earnings. If you are not certain the area where you plan to deploy a miner is a good place to do so, please contact our support staff before buying for analysis.


Once a miner has shipped, the order cannot be cancelled. If you wish to cancel a purchase before it has shipped, your refund will be subject to a 4% cancellation fee. This is because credit card companies like Visa, Mastercard, and American Express DO NOT refund processing fees to merchants when a refund is processed.

This means on a $500.00 refund, credit card companies are keeping approximately $20.00 and charging the merchant this amount. Therefore, we do pass this fee along on cancellations.

If your order contains an address error, such as a missing apartment number, or you want to change from one brand of miner to another, contact us to make an order edit. We can edit your order prior to shipping without any fees.